Term Classes & Private Coaching

Confidence and catching the love of training through the value of perseverance, hard-work and encouragement.  Our coaches present fitness as not just ‘sports’, it can be sooo much more! Non-competitive movement, art, mindfulness, biology and science, humility, strength, courage and happiness. Scroll down for our class timetable, description & bookings.



An effective workout in 30 minutes. TRX training is safe, and highly encouraged by top conditioning coaches for young athletes. It’s limitless in terms of progression and naturally increases bio-motor skills and neuro connections.


Rookie to Rocky!

We use mitts, pads, hanging bags & conditioning exercises with a strict ‘no sparring’ policy. Classes are high-cardio & teach self-defense, respect, humility, partner-work, & compliment sports. Spaces very limited!


Dance LOVE!

A high-energy class that radiates style and joy. Fun, fresh choreography fuses fitness science with modern dance. Kids/Teens learn technique whilst expressing themselves in the love of rhythm and movement.


Hire a mentor

Have challenges, not a social exerciser, need specialist training for sports, we host private or group sessions. Please inquire about times. Regular/Shared/Family 30-min session $65. Newbie 4 x package $250 (1 sessions), $420 (2 sessions).

Class Timetable & Booking

Book each person individually by clicking on the pass buttons below. Once you have set up an account, you can select your class(es) and simply top up from then on. Thanks!