Weds 20th Feb. 7.00 – 9.30pm. “Gut health – 3 course meal”

$79.00 $69.00

Happy gut, happy life.  Make some gut healers and create diverse food for nourishing beneficial bugs! (yes, we are mere hosts for a colony of bacteria).

The science is backing it, we are what our bugs eat.  Without being too scientific, we need a balanced gut and we need beneficial bacteria to dominate.  How do we do that, by feeding them stuff they like to eat. So what do beneficial bugs like to eat? Good fresh food!

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Come along to this cooking class and learn some funky ways to literally funk up your plate, we also prepare a balanced bug friendly 3 course meal.

  • IBS friendly and FODMAP options available.
  • All classes are gluten-free and spray-free organic produce where possible.

More about Abi

[Note: when working on eating a healthy, whole food diet, the initial two weeks you may struggling with an upset gut but that will level out, some may need to cut back on certain foods which aggravate your tummy for a certain period of time, but always work towards eating real food.  Consult your practitioner before radically changing your diet.]

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