Suspension Trainer


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This Adjustable Suspension Trainer is suitable for everyone from beginners to professional athletes. Use your own body weight for an amazing Suspension Training Workout. Challenge your upper body with push-ups, tricep layouts, chest flys, dips, chin-ups and much more…. just like in our classes.

A Suspension Trainer work out will shape and condition your body like no other.

Suspension Training exercises will complete almost all the muscle training, improve strength, flexibility and core stability. Simple to set up anywhere and comes complete with everything you need. Get it today, burn body fat and add lean muscle, they are truly fantastic to use 🙂

Features / Benefits:

  • 1. Provide a full range of anchoring solution,let you do train everywhere you want indoor or outdoor.
  • 2. The door anchor allows you to use the suspension fitness trainer in any doorway.
  • 3. The straps have adjustable lengths with durable metal clamps for a wide range of exercise.
  • 4. The extension attachment anchor allows you to reach taller pull up bars or even to wrap around larger objects.
  • 5. It is great for beginners to athletes.