ADULT – TRX, Boxing, Kettlebell



Our small-group training sessions enable you stay committed to achieving progressive fitness goals like having a personal trainer, but still enjoy the benefits of working out in great company. All classes are in our 3 boutique fitness studios and limited to 6 – 10 people per class.

Adult classes include:

Studio.1. – TRX & Kettlebell, strength and conditioning. Yin Yoga – long stretching poses for maximum body lengthening, injury prevention, mental and physical de-stress. Beg – Elite.

Studio.2. – Barre Sculpt, toning and flexibility. Beg – Int.

Studio.3. – Box – bag fitness & technical training, self-defence, high-intensity fitness drills and stress management! Beg – Int. And family inclusive classes.

Outside every Thursday pm – Running club for non-runners with Ben.

Box for the term to maintain your spot. Or ask us how to pay part-term. Casual visits are available on in certain classes – please ask.

Additional information

Our Adult Classes

Monday 9.15am TRX – ADVANCED, Monday 10.00am TRX – BEG/INT, Monday 10.45am TRX – RE-GEN (50+), Monday 6.15pm TRX – INTERMEDIATE, Monday 6.15pm BOXING, Monday 7.00pm TRX – BEGINNER, Tuesday 9.30am BOXING, Tuesday 9.15am TRX – BEG/INT, Tuesday 6.00pm BOXING, Tuesday 6.15pm KETTLEBELL, Tuesday 7.30pm TRX – ELITE, Wednesday 9.15am TRX – ELITE, Wednesday 10.00am TRX – BEGINNER, Wednesday 10.45am TRX – RE-GEN, Wednesday 6.15pm Trim, Tone, Together, Wednesday 6.15pm TRX – INTERMEDIATE, Wednesday 7.00pm TRX – BEGINNER, Thursday 9.15am TRX – ADVANCED, Thursday 10.00am KETTLEBELL, Thursday 6.00pm BOXING, Thursday 7.00pm RUN – Beg/Int, Friday 9.30am BOXING, Friday 9.15am TRX – ADVANCED, Saturday 8.15am BOXING, Thursday 9.30am Trim,Tone, Together