YOUTH – Box, TRX, Dance




Soulsprite offer classes for 7 – 17 yrs:

  • Boxing (cardio, self-defence, confidence)
  • Dance (non-syllabus commercial dance, creative fitness and musicality)
  • TRX (strength, sports conditioning, body alignment and cardio).

Led by trained senior high-school coaches and qualified and experienced senior instructors for the right mix of role-modelling, community and technical advancement. Classes are limited to 10 kids. Please book your term place fast to guarantee a spot or email us to check space for joining part-term.


Additional information

Kids Fitness Classes

Monday 3.30pm DANCE (8-12yrs), Monday 3.30pm JNR Boxing (7-10yrs), Monday 4.15pm INT Boxing (11-16yrs), Tuesday 3.30pm JNR Boxing (7-10yrs), Tuesday 4.15pm INT Boxing (11-16yrs), Tuesday 4.30pm Teen TRX (11-16yrs), Tuesday 5.15pm Teen TRX (11-16yrs), Wednesday 3.30pm Yogalates (7-11yrs), Wednesday 3.30pm JNR Kickboxing (7-10yrs), Wednesday 4.15pm INT Kickboxing (11-16yrs), Wednesday 5.15pm Boxing (16-19yrs), Thursday 3.30pm JNR Boxing (7-10yrs), Thursday 4.15pm INT Boxing (11-16yrs), Thursday 4.30pm Teen TRX (11-16yrs), Thursday 5.15pm Teen TRX (11-16yrs), Saturday 8.15am Family Boxing (Kids)