Sat 2nd March.10 – 12.30pm. “Low Carb and Healthy Fat”


There is mountains of research regarding the LCHF health and ketogenic health, the ketogenic diet has been used for over 100 years to treat diabetes and epilepsy, and now new evidence that the ketogenic diet can relieve mental disorders with potential applications in manic depression, autism and even ADHD.

All aside, it reduces inflammation in the brain and body, and speeds up healing processes. 

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Kickstart 2019 with burning Fat for Fuel.

Whether you are wanting more energy, detox or go full monty on Keto? We cover the basics while preparing a yummy LCHF/Keto feed.

In this class we will prepare a Low carb and healthy fat meal, while going over the ins and outs of how to cook LCHF effectively for the whole family.

Abi focuses on the health aspect of LCHF and offers a low toxin, moderate protein and micro-nutrient rich variation to the many keto diets offered.  Abi has first hand knowledge after her life dramatically changing once in nutritional ketosis after a head injury.

  • All classes are gluten-free, spray-free and organic where possible.

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