ADULT – Barre & Yoga




Barre classes (in studio.2.) is a an exciting non-impact toning workout for any level and anyone (dancing experience or not). It is a wonderful woman’s workout for all those bits we love to keep toned – bums, abs, thighs and postural training. Taken from ballerina’s extra athletic strengthening, balance, posture training, pilates and stretching, you’ll definitely feel the benefits quickly!  A 45 – 55 minute class uses a ballet barre, resistance bands, pilates balls, and floor exercises. A sculpting class that ticks all the right boxes!

Yin Yoga classes (in studio.1.) is the ultimate stretch class freeing up deep connective tissue, fascia and energy channels to get a full release. It relaxes the body for a more rested state for sleep and life, some say they even feel lighter after they leave. Taken with wonderful tranquil music and aromas. Give your body the love and attention it needs! This is a 1 hour class.

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Barre & Yoga Classes

Monday 7.30pm BARRE, Tuesday 10.45am BARRE (Mums & Bubs), Wednesday 9.30am BARRE, Thursday 6.00pm YOGA, Thursday 7.30pm BARRE, Saturday 7.15am BARRE

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