Mums & Bubs Barre Classes




Mums and Bubs barre classes (in studio.2.) is a safe post partum class which you can bring babies too, yay mum time! Barre ha elements of pilates, stretching and ballet strength training, you’ll definitely feel the burn! Classes help you get back to pre-pregnancy shape without needing any dance ability. These 45 minute classes incorporate the use of a ballet barre, weight resistance props and stretching. A sculpting class that ticks all the right boxes, targeting abs, bums, thighs and arms.

Bring your baby in a car seat or capsule.  Studio is behind Soulsprite Cooking school. Prams can be parked in our cooking school entrance.

Additional information

Barre & Yoga Classes

Monday 9.30am BARRE, Monday 7.30pm BARRE, Tuesday 10.45am BARRE (Mums & Bubs), Wednesday 9.30am BARRE, Wednesday 6.15 pm BARRE, Thursday 9.30am BARRE (Mums & Bubs), Thursday 10.45am BARRE (Mums & Bubs), Thursday 6.00pm Yin YOGA, Thursday 7.30pm BARRE, Saturday 7.15am BARRE

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