Everyone needs a coach

NO mirrors!

You benefit without mirrors!

Can you train hard, sweat and look still look sexy in a mirror? All our fitness studios are mirror-less, so you don’t need to find out! Small classes of 10 max. 

Class Timetable

10/class maximum!

New? Please email to book a free trial. Casual classes are $20, concession or term bookings are much less. Please arrive early to your first class so we can show you around.

Pack light

All you need is water!

And normal workout gear. You can to borrow boxing gloves on your first 2 classes, but please buy your own after this; kids $49, adults $69. Quick-wraps are also recommended.


TRX will change your life, try it!

Our world-class tone and strength workout is only 30 minutes! No machines, just TRX suspension bands and body-weight exercises that will leave you feeling the burn, especially in your abs & glutes. We explain the principles behind your training, and make adjustments to support your form, so you can get results faster.

Levels: Beginner, Int, Adv, Elite, Senior. Kids 10 – 15yrs. Adults 16yrs+.

Free Trial. Class Timetable

One class, you’ll be ‘hooked’!

Simply the best cardio-workout in town! This full-body kick-arse workout uses hanging boxing-bags, mitts and circuit equipment to fire-up your metabolic system and keep you burning calories for hours, and fight stress! Warning – regular attendance will turn you from rookie to rocky.

Levels: All. Complete beginners are encouraged to purchase an initial 1:1 session for $30. Kids Box or Kickbox: 7- 16yrs. Adults Boxfit: 17yrs+.

Free Trial. Class Timetable

30 minutes is all you need.

Talk about a total-body workout! This class will strengthen key muscles of your lower body (glutes, hamstrings and quads) and challenge muscles of your core and upper body (back, shoulders, forearms, triceps and biceps). Also, because of the high-intensity nature of this style of training, it serves as a great option for boosting your cardio-respiratory fitness as well  – quite a good bang for your buck.

Levels: Any, beginners welcome. Adults 17yrs+.

Free Trial. Class Timetable

Trim, Tone, Together

Kate’s method involves resistance training to help achieve the lean and “toned” appearance you want. Specific focus is on core, glutes and pelvis to re-balance and stabilise your body for better movement in everyday life or fitness activities. This 45 minute class ends with guided meditation.

Levels: all levels. Adults 16yrs+.

Free Trial. Class Timetable

For non-runners.

Tone-up fast. This run is specifically designed for non-runners. Small numbers and personal coaching means you will stick to your goals whether you want to run in an event or simply get fit fast.

Levels: Beginner to Intermediate.

Free Trial. Class Timetable

Live in balance

WOF classes use foam-rollers, massage-balls and stretch techniques to ease tense muscles and prevent injury so you can train more effectively. Lengthen muscle, roll-out aches and pains, increase mobility, encourage restful sleep and regenerative recovery. Free for clients buying 3 classes/week.

Levels: Any welcome. Adults 16yrs+.

Free Trial. Class Timetable

Coming in May 2019

Free Trial. Class Timetable

Coming in May 2019

Free Trial. Class Timetable

Hire a Dedicated Personal Trainer

Everyone is different, has their own time-schedule, life challenges, health motivations and fitness goals. There’s nothing more important to us than to see bodies transform and spirits come alive. We book out a whole studio so your training session is completely private.

Initial 15 minute consult and movement analysis – FREE, no obligation!

30 minute – Intro to TRX, Boxing: $50

30 minute – Private Training: $50

60 minute – Private Training: $120