Receive new releases every week and access to an ever-increasing library of online fitness classes. This is functional fitness at it’s best, short classes (10 – 45minutes), which done regularly, will bring out the true you – strong, powerful, flexible, energetic and youthful. Created with love from us, to you.


An incredible blend of pilates, yoga and dance toning for posture, tone, strength, flexibility. Shape-up in style!


One of the fastest ways of shaping your core and working all muscle groups, you’ll find ones you didn’t know you had!  

Dance Fitness

Feel wonderful while you sweat-it-out to great beats and refreshing choreography. Love it!

Stretching and moving with breathe helps yield more freedom of movement, better sleep, less injuries and a euphoric feeling of release.

Boxing & Kick-boxing

All levels martial arts adapted workouts challenge every muscles group (even your brain!), fire-up your metabolic system!

Body -Weight and Weighted Workouts for building strength, great for fat-loss, toning and building muscle.

Unlimited Streaming

Access our entire library of videos anywhere, anytime. Most videos are not available anywhere else. 

Choice your level

With levels from beginner to advanced, you can progress or go from where-ever you are.

Any Device

Train along with your classes on any device, phone, ipad, computer or TV screen.