• Life Changing: Smoothie ‘Extraordinaire’

    Life Changing: Smoothie ‘Extraordinaire’

    Roughly 10 years ago I got my hands on a Bio-Photonic Scanner. The scanner measures the health of our cells which for me is outstanding. For the first time I could train people to be fit, strong and healthy and measure that right down to their cells.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhroEez5zlA Here is a clip from the Dr Oz tv show on the scanner.

    I love to experiment – so I set about trying out different ingredients to see what would boost by Bio-Photonic Scanner score the most. And this it…

    • 2 – Banannas
    • 1 Handful – of greens ( Kale & Spinach is best)
    • 1 cup – Frozen Organic Berries
    • 1 Tea Spoon – Spirulina Powder
    • 1 Tea Spoon – Wheat Grass Powder
    • 1 Tea Spoon – Chia Seeds
    • 1 Tea Spoon – Honey (High quality)
    • 1 Tea Spoon – Turmeric
    • 1 Cup – Diced Pineapple (Optional)
    • Add either water or coconut water – enough to make 400-600 ml
    • Now blend……

    There are 2 types of day that I have. One where I have my smoothie and have enough energy to take on the world including half the galaxy and the other day where I skip the smoothie and feel like a normal person… I cant get must done being normal!

    Enjoy – Enjoy – Enjoy

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