Character University

I see myself as being full of gaps. I am not as mentally strong as I would like to be. I have things I want to learn from people that inspire me but no time to sit, let alone absorb anything. And I want freedom… the time to step away and just be.

Thinking on this many years ago I came up with a plan. My plan was to combine all of these together into what I call my Character University. Tuition fees are cheap and the course work is extremely interesting, (You are the university).

How it Works

Preparation is extremely important in being a student at the Character University. And here is what you need to get ready.

  • An audio book that is not just interesting but will change your life in some way.
  • A list of 10 exercises that will put you under strain and make you puff… and they must be exercises that you do not want to do.
  • Have your gear ready to go. Shoes, shorts, shirt, back-pack and a bottle of water.

I love to read but never get the time to immerse myself deep enough to get enough out of any book. So I buy audio books. This way I don’t need to be still and I cant take my library with me at all times.

The audio book ‘Can’t hurt me’ by David Goggins is the perfect book to start with. His book is outstanding in teaching us how to develop mental toughness. And that is the perfect place to start.


Next I make a list of 10 exercises and training routines that I do not like and definitely do not want to do. I find that I only like to train in areas that I am already good at, so by making the list of 10 sessions that I most definitely do not want to do I will fill gaps in my physical imperfections. The training sessions must be tough, must make me a little scared to start and put me under physical and mental pressure. Once I have done and ticked off all 10 on my list then I write another one.

Lastly I prepare everything. I have my back-pack packed and the clothes I need together and ready to go. If I am going for a run it is a quick change then I am off. If I am strength training it is also a quick change then I am off. I have found that if I have time to think before training then I have time to talk myself out of it and not training is not going to help me in any way, shape or form.

The Wonderful Payback

There are three areas that are constantly at work here at the Character University and they are the Mind, Body & Spirit.

Say I am out for a run, I am physically developing, I am mentally getting stronger and I am learning from some of the greatest people that have graced earth. I am growing in all ways…

And I find the more that I get out of something the more I see it as valuable and the more enjoyable it is.

I feel like I am winning.