Hey, welcome!

Soulsprite’s Boutique Cooking School & Fitness Venues, are deliciously hidden down corridors and alley-ways in Devonport village, providing an ample spread of feel-good, family-friendly classes for all levels. With a hearty sense of humour, it’s so good to take our well-being seriously, but not so much ourselves!

Cooking Venue

Get, 'hands-on'.

A scrumptious open 10-station venue and dining space.

Adult Fitness Classes

First class free!

World-class. TRX, Barre, Box HIIT, Kettle-bell, Run, Yoga.

Kids & Teens

Kids come alive!

Fitness, Cooking, After-school programme & holidays .

Kitchen Parties

YAS, a unique idea!

Pamper-Science, Master-chef, Edible Science & … 

Locally NZ Owned

It’s a privilege to do what we love, with fab’ people, in a gorgeous venue & destination, Devonport village, come visit! 

Boutique Venues

We’re happy to be different. Our small classes mean more personalised attention, great laughs & top-notch coaching!


Those who muck-in together, stick together! Our place is open to all ages or levels. Kids, Teens, Adults, Seniors, you’re welcome!