Exercise, Nutrition, Connection




Hey, welcome!

It’s our business is to put well-being into the core of everything we do.  Soulsprite’s Boutique Fitness and Cooking Venues, are deliciously hidden down corridors and alley-ways in Devonport, providing an ample spread of Fitness and Health Classes for all ages and levels. With a hearty sense of humour, it just feels right to take our bodies seriously but not so much ourselves!

Fitness Classes

For the whole family.

Toning, TRX, Box, Dance, Kettle-bell & … Kid/teens & adults.

Cooking School

What's your flavour?

Laugh, dine, get-well, new skills, kids classes &  more!

Kids After-School & Holidays

Lots of Active Variety

Action-packed fun for 5 – 13 years. Devices stay home!

Kitchen Parties

YAS, Bring it on!

Kitchen Science, Pamper-Parties, Master Chef team challenges…

Inner Health

You wanna be a sexy warrior but still dig into salivary-worthy feasts? Here, here to you my friend. Find a way at our cooking school.


Tried gyms? We’re happy to be different. Personalised attention, restricted-numbers, great laughs & top-notch workouts!


Those who (sw)eat together, stick together. Take classes at the same time, or separately, there’s something for all ages and levels.